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Hardware : Output Devices

Output is the result of data processing activity when it is presented external to the system. The output from a computer can be in a form for use by people, for example, printed or displayed. There are four types of output, which are:
  1. Text Based
  2. Graphic Based
  3. Audio Based
  4. Video Based
An output device is hardware that is capable of delivering or showing information to one or more users. An output device shows, prints and presents the results of a computer’s work.


A display device is an output device that visually conveys texts, graphics and video information. A printer is an output device that prints text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper or transparency film.An audio output device produces music, speech, or other sounds.

Other output devices include Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors and facsimile (fax) machines.

A monitor is an example of an output device that can be used to display text. It can also display graphics and video. It is similar to a television set that accepts video signals from a  computer and displays information on its screen.

A printer is another example of an output device that can be  used to print text, apart from graphics, on mediums such as paper, transparency film or even cloths.

A photo printer is a colour printer that produces photo-lab-quality pictures.
An image setter produces high quality output compared to an ordinary laser printer. An image setter is a high resolution output device that can transfer electronic text and graphics directly to film, plates, or photo-sensitive paper.

A pair of speakers is an audio output device that generates sound. The headphone is a pair of small speakers placed over the ears and plugged into a port on the sound card. A woofer or subwoofer is used to boost the low bass sound and is connected to the port on the sound card.

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projector uses its own light source to project what is displayed on the computer on a wall or projection screen. A digital light processing (DLP) projector uses tiny mirrors to reflect light which can be seen clearly in a well-lit room.

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