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6.1  Concepts of Information Systems
  • Give the meaning of data, information and information systems.
Usage of Information Systems In Various Fields
  • State the usage of Information Systems in education, business and management.
Information System Components
  • List the Information System components:
    • data
    • hardware
    • software
    • people
    • procedure
  • Define each of the Information System components.
  • Describe the interrelation between information system components using a diagram.
Types of Information Systems
  • List five types of Information Systems:
    • Management Information System (MIS)
    • Transaction Processing System (TPS)
    • Decision Support System (DSS)
    • Executive Information System (EIS)
    • Expert System (ES)/Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • State the usage of each type of information system.
Hierarchy of Data
  • Define bit, byte, field, record, and file 
  • State the hierarchy of data:
    • Bit ® Byte (Character) ® Field ® Record ® File ® Database
6.2    Software

  • Define database and Database Management   Systems (DBMS).
  • List the benefits of using database.
  • State the relationship between attribute (field), row (record) and relation (file).
  • Define the primary key and foreign key.
  • State the importance of the primary key.
  • Differentiate between the primary key and foreign key.
  • State the importance of relationship between the primary key and foreign key.
Database Objects
  • Define the following database objects/ tools: Table, form, query, report. 
  • Identify table, query, form and report as database objects/ tools.
Data Manipulation
  • List the basic operations of data manipulation:
    • Update
    • Insert
    • Delete
    • Retrieve
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Search
  • State the usage of basic operations in data manipulation.
6.3    Database Development

Phases of Systems Development
  • Describe the phases of systems development:
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Testing
    • Documentation
    • Maintenance
Develop A Database Project
  • Identify a project.
  • Identify the project requirements.
  • Classify project requirements into two tables.
  • Design database tables.
  • Create a database.
  • Create two tables that include the primary key in each table.
  • Build a relationship between two tables.
  • Enter data into the table.
  • Create a form that relates to the table content.
  • Create a query to retrieve required information with one or more conditions.
  • Generate a report.
  • Gather all the documents from the above phases into a folio.
6.4    Current And Future Developments

Web-based Application
  • Find out current developments in computer information systems