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The most common hardware used are scanner, video camera, camera for still photos, audio device, and video capture device. Each of these hardware has its functions and characteristics.

Knowing the functions of the hardware and how to use them are important. This will enable us to integrate the basic elements of multimedia into a program.


Each hardware has its own functions. 

Scanners are used to convert conventional images, texts, drawings and photos into digital form that can be understood by the computer.
There are four types of scanners: flatbed scanner, hand held scanner, sheet-fed scanner and 3D scanner.

There are two types of video cameras: analog video camera and digital video camera (DV).
An analog video camera records video in analog signals on a magnetic video tape.
A digital video camera records video in digital signals, which can be stored in various forms of media, such as digital video tape or memory cards.
Data stored in these DV tapes can directly be read by a computer system.

In an ordinary camera, images are captured on a roll of film. In a digital camera, images are captured and stored in a media card.
The advantages of having a digital camera is that the images captured can directly be used in the computer.
It saves cost as we do not have to buy films and can choose to keep or delete the pictures in the memory card.

Audio devices are needed to record analog sound.
The sounds are then changed into digital sound.
Examples of devices used for recording sounds or audio are microphone, sound card and voice synthesizer.

Video capture devices help to convert analog video to digital video. The fire wire helps to transfer the video from video camera to the computer.
They also transfer digital video to the computer so that the data can be edited or stored.

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