Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hardware : Motherboard

This is a motherboard and its components. Motherboard is the main  circuit board of the system unit, which has some electronic components attached to it and others built into it.

This is the location of the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

This is where the expansion slots are located.

These are the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion slots. Peripheral Component Interconnect. A personal computer local bus which runs at 33 MHz and supports Plug and Play. It provides a high-speed connection with peripherals and allows connection of seven peripheral devices

In addition, the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) expansion slots are also the components of the motherboard. Industry Standard Architecture. A PC expansion bus used for modems, video displays, speakers, and other peripherals.PCs with ISA commonly have some 8-bit and some 16-bit expansion slots.

These are the expansion card. The expansion cards are slotted in the expansion slots.

This is called RAM or Random Access Memory. RAM is the memory of  the computer.

This is the location of the ports. Connectors are plugged into these ports. Port is Point at which peripheral attaches to a system unit so it can send data to or receive information from the computer

The connector connects to the port. For example, the printer port matches its connector. All computer components are connected to its respective ports by a connector.

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