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4.1  Multimedia Concepts
Definition of Multimedia
  • Define multimedia.
Multimedia in Various Fields
  • Identify the use of multimedia in various fields.
Interactivity of Multimedia
  • Differentiate between the characteristics of linear and non-linear multimedia.
Medium of Delivery
  • Compare and contrast the mediums of delivery for multimedia applications:
    • web-based
    • CD-based
Multimedia Elements
  • Identify the multimedia elements:
    • text
    • audio 
    • video
    • graphics
    • animation
4.2    Hardware And Software

  • Identify hardware that can be used to produce multimedia products:
    • scanner
    • video camera
    • camera
    • audio devices
    • video capture devices
Editing Software
  • Identify editing software that can be used to produce multimedia elements:
    • text editor
    • graphics and image editor
    • audio editor
    • video and animation editor
Authoring Tools
  • Define the various concepts in authoring tools:
    • time frame concept
    • icon concept
    • card concept
4.3  Multimedia Development

Web Editor
  •  Describe and give examples of web editors:
    • text-based
User Interface Principles
  • State user interface principles.
  • Apply suitable user interface principles in a project.
Development Team
  • State the role of each member in a development team (examples: project manager, subject matter expert, instructional designer, graphics artist, audio-video technician and programmer).
Multimedia Production
  • Describe the phases in multimedia production:
    • analysis
    • design
    • implementation
    • testing
    • evaluation
    • publishing
  • Apply all the phases of multimedia production to produce an interactive educational multimedia project.!#{pa;Mang="EN-GB" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: small;">
4.4  Current and Future Developments
Immersive Multimedia
  • Give an example of immersive multimedia in education, business or entertainment.


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