Monday, 26 March 2012


5.1  Basic Programming Concepts
Define Program and Programming Language
  • State the definition of program.
  • State the definition of programming language.
Levels and Generations Of Programming Languages
  • Identify the generations of low-level
  • programming languages with examples.
  • Identify the generations of high-level
  • programming languages with examples.
Programming Language Approaches
  • Define structured approach in programming.
  • Define object-oriented approach in programming.
  • Differentiate between structured approach and object-oriented approach in programming.
  • Describe the translation method of programming using assembler, interpreter and compiler
Basic Elements In Programming 
  • Differentiate between constants and variables.
  • Differentiate between the data types: Boolean, integer, double, string and date.
  • Differentiate between mathematical and logical (Boolean) operators.
  • Differentiate between sequence control structure and selection control structure.
5.2   Program Development

Program Development Phases
  • Describe the five main phases in program development:
    • problem analysis
    • program design
    • coding
    • testing and debugging
    • documentation
Develop a program
  • Apply program development phases to solve problems.
5.3  Current and Future Developments

Latest Programming Languages
  • Find out the latest programming languages:
    • fifth generation language
    • natural language
    • OpenGL (Graphic Library)


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