Friday, 18 May 2012

Definition Of Multimedia

Multimedia has been used in many aspects in our lives, for example in the field of business, entertainment and the sciences. “Multimedia” comes from the word “multi” and “media”.“Multi” means various. “Media” refers to any hardware or software used for communicating.
These are some examples of hardware and software that we use in communicating with others.
Examples of hardware are: the radio, television, computer and mobile phone.

Examples of hardware are: the radio, television, computer and mobile phone.

Examples of software are: email, Yahoo Messenger,  Multimedia Message Service (MMS) and video conferencing.

The usage of text, audio, graphic, video and animation are all involved in
describing media. So, multimedia is the presentation of information by using a combination of text, audio, graphic, video and animation.

In the field of Information and Communication Technology, multimedia means more than the use of the various media.  A computer user interacts with the computer to perform tasks such as finding information or play games to develop a skill.

Thus, the meaning of multimedia has changed as technology advanced in our lives.

There are five main elements in a complete multimedia system


Multimedia has improved our lives in many ways.
Firstly, multimedia is used as a common source of reference.
Encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries and electronic books are among common multimedia references.

Multimedia is also used in education and training. Learning has become more interesting and effective with educational programmes such as “edutainment” that is a combination of education and entertainment.

Besides that, multimedia is greatly used in entertainment industry.

These industries produce computer games, and develop animations or special effects for cartoons and movies.

Multimedia applications are also widely used in scientific research.

For example, from research, new findings can help the researchers to improve the condition of sick people.


Multimedia has played an important role in other fields, such as business, arts, medicine and engineering.

In business, multimedia applications are used in advertising products.
Many companies nowadays develop and distribute catalogues in the form of a CD-ROM as it is more interesting to the consumers.

In art, artists use multimedia elements by combining drawing and animation. 

In medicine, doctors can practice or be trained in performing high-risk
surgery by using virtual surgery. 

In engineering, Computer-Aided Design or CAD is used. By using this application, engineers can view the design from many aspects and improve on it before production.

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