Monday, 2 July 2012


Technological advancements in large database development and high speed digital transmission networks will result in global information systems.

These developments will influence how people interact with information. Through the Internet, a user can get fast responses and have two-way
communication using video conferencing and e-mail.

By using the global information systems, people from all over the world can be equipped with knowledge in many areas.

  • Web-based applications are delivered to users from a Web server over the Internet.
  • Web-based applications store information in a database system such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.
  • Global Resource Center is a Web-based information system used in developing human resources for health.
  • Global Resource Center offers a global library of human resources for health,
  • focusing on developing countries.
  • For example, healthcare personnel can store their individual details in this database. This database can be accessed by a country that needs the healthcare support.
  • The healthcare personnel can then be contacted via this Web-based database and called to the service.
  • By using this system, countries with health needs can be met. This resources center is managed by Capacity Project and USAID-funded global project.
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System is a Web-based disaster information management system.
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System stores disaster events in the database.
  • The data is automatically analysed to determine the help needed by the affected country.
  • For example, from the Current Disaster Events column, you can be informed of the flood that happened in China.
  • This alerts people of the surrounding regions to evacuate and move to safer places.
  • People living in Vietnam and Laos will take necessary precautions when floods happen in China.
  • By using this system, it helps to coordinate the international responses during the disaster.
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System is a joint initiative of the United Nations and European Commission.
  • Global Data Monitoring Information System is a Web-based information system that collects data worldwide to sustain social and economic progress in all countries.
  • Global Data Monitoring Information System is to help countries overcome problems of poverty, health and education.
  • For example, data collected on HIV statistics is analysed and it was found that millions of death were caused by AIDS.
  • By using this system, medical assistance can be promptly given to those countries affected.
  • It is an effort by Millennium Development Goals under the World Bank group.


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